Body Treatments

Our selection of skin refinement treatments, signature body scrubs and wraps are the perfect antidotes to dehydrated skin. Our body treatments offer unparalleled moisture and keep you looking supple and smooth.

Salt Glow ~ $130

Our special blends of sea salts with essential oils are massaged into the body to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. Your body will be soft and well hydrated after this incredible treatment.

Body Bronzing Treatment ~ $35

Our trained technicians will have your end result being a healthy, natural looking glow. Wear loose clothing to this service, no shower for at least 15 hours afterwards.

Herbal Body Wrap ~ $130

Linen sheets steamed in a blend of fragrant herbs are wrapped around the body to increase perspiration, help eliminate toxins and impurities, relax your muscles, and soften you skin. This is an awesome treatment for all your workout buffs, and a perfect complement to any of our massages.

Cinq Mondes Slimming Detox & Lightness Treatment ~$159

Blending rituals from India and Brazil this body treatment stimulates energy body points helping to drain and tone skin tissue. Customized mask placement and massaging techniques promote detoxification and firming.

Relaxing North African Ritual ~$159

Let go and relax with this body treatment involving gentle exfoliation, purifying mask and slow, deep and enveloping smoothing movements with a moisturizing, nourishing and smoothing dry body oil, promoting a state of pure wellness.

Deep Relaxing Balinese Ritual ~$159

Immerse into a world of tranquility with this body treatment including exfoliation rich in fruit acids then using intense nourishing balm receive a relaxing massage combining deep and slow smoothing strokes and gentle stretching.

Relieving Sublime Polynesian Ritual ~$159

Release deep seated muscular tensions and restore energy and vitality with this body treatment. Including an exfoliation to remove impurities and bring back softness then a massage using deep pressure and long continuous movements inspired by Polynesian healers.

Ayurvedic Indian Ritual ~$159

Take a breath and let the centuries-old traditional Indian teachings balance vital functions and bring energy to the body and mind. This body treatment includes an exfoliation to invigorate the muscles and body following a massage that including many and varied movements relieving muscle tensions so that you may regain energy and vitality.


Advanced Cellulite Treatment

Synergie ~ $75

Series of 8 ~ $500

Series of 16 ~ $950

The cellulite treatment used by the stars! This treatment finally gives you the significant reduction in the appearance of cellulite you’ve been looking for! Synergie is a vacuum massage that increases circulation and detoxifies fat cells. Multiple sessions are recommended.


Zerona is a non-invasive body contouring procedure used to effectively remove excess fat. A low level laser therapy, Zerona works by emulsifying or liquefying the subcutaneous fat found in the body. Consultation is required.


~ Package of 6: $600

Zero Pain, Zero Down Time & Zero Surgery

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