In Comparing these 2 non-invasive fat reduction procedures you’ll find that the two procedures couldn’t be any more different.

Sculpsure is the only machine that is certified by the FDA to laser the fat away.Coolsculpt is a different system as it sucks the fat and skin into a little pocket, then begins to freeze and destroy the fat, but we don’t believe it really works as there are no studies to show it does. Unlike Sculpsure which was tested with biopsies shows that 24% of the thickness of the fat is decreased. – Dr. Neumann (bio) ❞


SculpSure- 1 procedure -25 min treats up to 4 areas

CoolSculpt- 1+ hours per area, requires multiple treatments 


 SculpSure-permanently reduces fat up to 25% with 1 treatment.  

CoolSculpt-permanently reduces fat up to 22% BUT Coolsculpt requires multiple treatments


SculpSure- non-suction based applicator with cooling/heating technology for more comfortable treatments. Known to have tightening of the skin

CoolSculpt-suction based procedure that leaves you with a frozen lump of flesh, and is known to cause brusing, swelling and stretched loose skin


 SculpSure- FDA approved for laser fat reduction with cooling/heating applicator

CoolSculpt-FDA approved for cyrolipolysis-freezing fat deposits


SculpSure-600.- 1300 most patients need only 1 treatment

CoolSculpt-2x the cost of Sculpsure as multiple treatments are required over several weeks


SculpSure-none reported 

CoolSculpt-brusing, swelling and temporary nerve pain as well as loss of elasticity, resulting in loose sagging skin.


SculpSure- back, abdomen, love handles and arms legs and calves 

CoolSculpt-limited treatment areas- must be enough fat to be pinched/sucked up by the applicator

CoolSculpting – this process will utilize a device that would freeze fat cells without affecting or damaging any other tissues. Once fat cells are totally frozen, they will crystallize and die and will eventually be removed by the body the natural way. CoolSculpting targets and only concentrate on one body area per treatment. It takes about an hour or so per treatment and needs 2-4 sessions per target area in order to see and feel the expected results. CoolSculpting has been the industry favorite for the past few years and been in use for nearly a decade with success testimonials.

SculpSure – CoolSculpting utilizes cold temperature, SculpSure uses a laser system that heats and eliminates unwanted fats. The heat produced by the laser emulsifies and melt the fat cells. Once melted, the body will eliminate it the natural way. Aside from effectively removing the unwanted fats, the heat produced by the lasers also encourages collagen and elastin production in the treated areas. This promotes youthful tissue growth making the treated area not only thinner but healthier and tighter. SculpSure can treat 4 areas at the same time and each treatment only last for 25 minutes. With the SculpSure procedure, one session of 25 minutes can target multiple areas at the same time.


I have tried both of these treatments, as I should, before offering them to my clients.  

CoolSculpt absolutely does loosen the skin while you will get a slight tightening with SculpSure.  I found the CoolSculpt to be extremely painful!!  While SculpSure wasn’t painless it was very tolerable, especially since it was only for 25 minutes.  You can to do anything for  25 minutes when you know you’ll get results.  We are also putting our clients under the Zerona to further help our results we are getting…For FREE!!!  That’s a 300$ gift! NO Charge!  To book Call 304-594-9782

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