The Truth about Silicon Sponges

As the owner of Spa Roma, I’m proud to say that NO product makes it to my retail centers before first passing my personal test!  Rest assured that everything you see in my spas, whether it be a product, service or treatment, has been personally tested and tried on myself to make sure it delivers and performs as promised.  So when the hype about this silicon sponge hit the internet I had to try it for myself.  At first hearing this I thought “ This is ingenious!  No more bacteria filled sponge and no more waste of product!” In case you’re not aware, if you’re not cleaning your sponge after every use, you are exposing your skin to bacteria. This is important, especially if you are acne prone. For this reason I was excited to try this product, and I was sure it would produce a seamless application. WRONG The fact is, you might as well use your hand if you’re going to use a silicone sponge!  It just pushes the foundation around the surface of your skin, leaving streaks and doesn’t “push” it into your skin like a brush does.  “Pushing” foundation into the skin sounds like a bad thing but in actuality it’s not.  Let me explain….. Your stratum corneum is the spongy outer most layer of the skin.  This spongy layer can and will absorb nutrients and products, good OR bad!  If you are not using a non-comedogenic product (non-pore clogging) foundation, over time you will reek havoc on your skin! Having said that, this spongy outer layer can be made to look like you have massive pores or you can make them disappear by the use of the right products and applicators. That brings me back to why I’m writing this blog in the first place.  After using the silicone sponge with my Bare Skin bareEssentials non-comedogenic foundation, my pores looked like craters! Keep in mind that I had been using this foundation with the brush that it is designed to be used with and never had a problem with my pores looking big. So I had my 16 year old daughter test the silicone sponge for me as well, and she felt the same way.  We couldn’t get that “polished” finish like the bareMinerals foundation brush gives us.  So even if you’re 16 years old and don’t have large pores this isn’t a sponge for you!  I was disappointed to say the least because I loved that it was an answer to the bacteria problem. Sorry for those of you who spent your money in hopes that this sponge would work. 🙁 Spa Roma will not be caring the silicone sponge….it simply did not deliver on it’s promise of a seamless application.

Michel Marrara-Blankenship, Spa Roma Owner & Medical Esthetician since 1993