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What You Need To Know About SculpSure VS Coolsculpt

In Comparing these 2 non-invasive fat reduction procedures you'll find that the two procedures couldn’t be any more different. Sculpsure is the only machine that is certified by the FDA to laser the fat away.Coolsculpt is a different system as it sucks the fat and skin into a little pocket, then begins to freeze and destroy [...]

What You Need To Know About Silicon Sponges

The Truth about Silicon Sponges As the owner of Spa Roma, I’m proud to say that NO product makes it to my retail centers before first passing my personal test!  Rest assured that everything you see in my spas, whether it be a product, service or treatment, has been personally tested and tried on myself [...]

Reach a state of total relaxation

Massage is one of the oldest of health practices, found in ancient Chinese medical texts written some 4,000 years ago. Massage does much more than relieve everyday stress, and studies are proving it. If you have never had a massage, don't put it off another minute! Massage balances energy, improves range of motion, and stimulates [...]